Friday, 24 July 2009

Session 24

Marriot Way & Waterloo Park

Warm up followed by 10 x 90 secs jogging..heart rates up to 165 max! If it goes over walk until it drops below 150. Walk for between 45 and 60 secs between However heart rate must drop to below 135.

I had planned to run this session last night but ended up going out for a meal with friends so I ran first thing today instead. First 5 reps heart rate recovered to below 135 in under 45s. Recovery down to below 135 didn’t take longer than 60s at all. Heart rate only hit 165 twice and that was at the end of a rep. I think I was surprised that the session was still about 4.5Km as I felt like I could keep going and going.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Session 23

Bowthorpe – Chapel Break to City Centre


This is a big session. If you have already done something today then swap this with Thursday. Warm up followed by 800 metres jog – 1 min walk or when heart rate returns to below 135. If it returns to 135 before 1 min do not start until the one min has surpassed. – 1200 metres jog followed by 2 mins walk – 1600 metres jog – 5 mins walk – 1200 metres jog – 2 mins walk – 800 metres jog – 5 mins walk to warm down. Heart rate not to go above 162 at anytime. Try to keep it below 160 during the first three reps.


I got Nikki to drive to a friend’s house and then ran back.  A total of 6.6Km.  Stupidly just as Nikki left I realised I didn’t have my heart monitor – a disadvantage to being dropped somewhere to run home is not having a mobile.  So I did the session anyway as I think I am getting good at spotting when my heart rate to getting over 160/165.  It was also the first session after my stag weekend and my body has felt better.  However it was a nice run, enjoyed the session, noticed I was running on tarmac most of the time but haven’t had numb toes for a few sessions now.



Thursday, 16 July 2009

Session 22

Earlham Park, UEA Lake

Warm up followed by 2 miles very easily. Do not let heart rate exceed 165. As soon as it rises above 160 ease right back until if drifts back down to low 150’s before gently picking the pace up again. Warm down as per usual.

Took someone running for the first time today. He agreed to run to my program. Very enjoyable run, not very strenuous.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Session 21

Gibraltar Gardens Riverside

Warm up followed by 8 x 45 secs jog with 15 secs walk after each. Walk 3 mins then 6 x 90 secs easy jog with 30 secs walk between and 3 mins after 6th rep, followed by 10 x 30 secs easy jog with 15 secs walk between. Warm down with a few mins of easy walking.

My session was interrupted by an important phone call which I had been waiting for at 1545. I did recover quite quickly and think I did pretty much what was specified in the session overall. 4.5Km overall and burned 336 Kcal – it was quite an easy session.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Session 20

Whitlingham Broad & Woods


Warm up as usual followed by 400 meters jog, 100 walk, 800 meters jog, 200 walk, 1600 meters jog, 400 walk, 800 meters jog, 200 walk, 400 meters jog. Warm down with 4 mins of walking.  Heart rates not to exceed 160 during first two, 165 during third and fourth and 170 during fifth and last effort. During recovery below 135.


A perfectly still evening, cool and ideal for running.  I saw scores of rabbits, the usual water fowl and a huge barn owl hunting.  Session was slightly longer than planned as I hadn’t done the woodland walk route before. 

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Session 19

Gibraltar Gardens Route


Alternate 1 min walking with 1 min jogging for 20 mins. I can’t imagine heart rates going too much over 160ish subject to pace you jog at of course and they should ideally fall to a minimum of 130 during recovery.


I lost count and ended up running 13 reps rather than 10.  Heart rate within ranges specified.  I did pick up the pace to keep rate nr 160.  Uphill towards the end.  Quite an easy session which is I guess reflected in number of calories burned (256cal).



Thursday, 9 July 2009

Session 18

Lakenham Way

Warm up with 4 mins of walking and a few easy jogs for approx 8 to 10 secs. Follow this with 4 x 800 metres and 200 metres walk between. Heart rates up to 160 with resting recovery down to below 130. Warm down as per usual.

Quite an easy session today – I found that once the heavy rain started, just after 3Km that I wanted to run faster. My recovery to <135bpm was generally faster than the 200m allowed.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Session 17

Marriot Way from Norwich

Warm up followed by 35 mins of alternating 1 min jog with 30 secs walking. Heart rates not to go over 160 during first 25 mins and 165 up to 33 mins. Not too fussed if you want to push the last 2 reps up to 170. I will leave this one to you. See how you feel. If heart rate hasn’t dropped below 140 during 30 secs walk/recoveries, then walk until it does. If you find that initially it does, but after half way you are starting to struggle with your heart rate coming down to the desired range, then walk until it falls below 125 before continuing. Walk for 5 mins to warm down.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Session 16

Felthorpe from Neils

Warm up followed by 4 x 6 mins. Heart rate not to go higher than 160 on first two reps and 165 on third and fourth. Walk 2 mins between allowing heart rate to drop to below 130. Warm down as per usual.

Noted numbing of right foot.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Session 15

Earlham Park & UEA Lake

Warm with a mix of walking and 10 second jogs for up to 4/5 mins, followed by 2 mins easy jog H/R UP TO MAX 140, 1 min walk, 2 mins easy jog H/R UP TO MAX 155, 1 min walk, 2 mins easy jog H/R UP TO MAX 160, 1 min walk, 1 min jog H/R UP TO MAX 165. Walk for 4 mins then repeat, however heart rates now as follow, FIRST TWO REPS UP TO A MAX OF 160 WITH THIRD AND FOURTH UP TO 165. Warm down with 4 to 5 mins of walking. Heart rates during walk/recovery phases to reduce to 135. If not walk until it does!