Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Session 23

Bowthorpe – Chapel Break to City Centre


This is a big session. If you have already done something today then swap this with Thursday. Warm up followed by 800 metres jog – 1 min walk or when heart rate returns to below 135. If it returns to 135 before 1 min do not start until the one min has surpassed. – 1200 metres jog followed by 2 mins walk – 1600 metres jog – 5 mins walk – 1200 metres jog – 2 mins walk – 800 metres jog – 5 mins walk to warm down. Heart rate not to go above 162 at anytime. Try to keep it below 160 during the first three reps.


I got Nikki to drive to a friend’s house and then ran back.  A total of 6.6Km.  Stupidly just as Nikki left I realised I didn’t have my heart monitor – a disadvantage to being dropped somewhere to run home is not having a mobile.  So I did the session anyway as I think I am getting good at spotting when my heart rate to getting over 160/165.  It was also the first session after my stag weekend and my body has felt better.  However it was a nice run, enjoyed the session, noticed I was running on tarmac most of the time but haven’t had numb toes for a few sessions now.



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