Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Session 34 - Sloughbottom Park in the dark!

Thursday – Good warm up, followed by 1 x 10 mins jog, heart rate up to 165 – 4 mins walk allowing heart rate to drop below 140 -  1 x 18 mins jog HR 165 – 5 mins walk HR - 140 and 1 x 6 mins jog HR 170 MAX DURING LAST 2 MINS. – walk 4 to 6 mins warm down plus stretching.


The 18 minute rep was getting quite hard towards the end.  Still enjoyable but it made me appreciate that running in the daylight is much better.  I guess early mornings will be the way forward in the autumn.


Session 33

Wednesday – Warm up followed by 2 mins jog with 45 secs walk x 10. Walk a few mins to warm down and stretch. Heart rate during jogging up 165 max for first 7 sets and between 165 and 170 during last three. Let me know what the heart rate reduces too during recovery as opposed to me telling you what it should be. As long as you stay predominantly within your aerobic energy zone during the entire session, the training effect should be productive from quite a short session.


A good session.  First five reps my bpm reduced to 120-130 range. Next 2 to 136 and the last three 135 to 145.

The Garmin didn’t record the data properly, so these figures are from memory with what was on screen at the time.


Monday, 17 August 2009

Session 32 - My First 10K

Hellesdon Bridge / Sloughbottom Park.   10K


Sunday – 60 mins. Walk 5 mins – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5. This could be a tough session, but do your very best. Keep the heart rate below 160 for as long as possible during the 10 min intervals. During the last rep and  as per usual I don’t mind it creeping up during the latter stages of the interval. Make sure you stretch after warm down as well.


I did this Monday morning as was a day behind on sessions.  Very happy that I did my first 10K session.  It wasn’t as hard work as I thought it might be.  Not sure if I was meant to do 60mins or 75 mins which the reps added up to??  Could this be Neil’s way of testing me to see if I’d run the shorter distance??  Recovery times were still about 60s to <130bpm.  My right foot went numb again, first time in ages, at around 43mins.  Aching more than usual after the session but pleased with myself.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Session 31

Saturday – Alternate 1 min walking briskly with 1 min jogging for 20 mins. Warm down with 4 mins of easy walking. No need to do more than the 1 min walk at the start re warm up. Keep the first couple of 1 min jogs very easy. Heart rates to rise to a max of 165 during jogging and down to below 140 during walking.

I didn’t get back from London in time on Saturday so I did this on Sunday morning instead.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Session 30

Thursday – 5 mins walk – 2.5 mins jog – 60 SECS WALK - 5 Mins jog – 2.5 mins walk – 2.5 mins jog – 5 mins walk. HR UP TO 165 DURING RUNNING AND BELOW 135 DURING RECOVERIES.

Very easy session.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Session 29

Session 29 – Warm up followed by 3 sets of 6 x 60 secs jog with 30 secs walk between. 3 to 4 mins walk between sets. Heart rate up to 165 during first two sets and 170 during third. Heart rate to recover to below 140 during 30 secs recoveries and below 125 between sets.

No issues, stuck to programme.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Session 28

Lakenham Way, Long John Hill, Bracondale, King Street

Warm up with 6 mins of walking and easy 20 sec jogs, then 2 x 1. 5 miles keeping heart rate under 165. If it starts to climb above, then walk until it drops back down to under 150. Walk for 4 mins between and after to warm down.

I was really pleased that I ran the first 1.5m and heart rate stayed below the 165 limit, I didnt even feel tired. I made a good revovery at the end of the first 1.5m with the heart rate getting below 135 in about 1 minute. The second 1.5m was harder. Heart rate only got to 165 twice, one on the hill on Bracondale, and once when I picked the pace up again on King Street. Really enjoyed this morning, a lovely day and know I could easily do a 10K race now if I want to!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Session 27

Wensum Park Route

4 mins walk followed by 25 mins of alternating between 90 secs jogging and 45 secs walking. Walk for 4 mins warm down.

Heart rate didn’t go over 160, except at the steps coming out of Wensum Park.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Session 26

To The Dolphin along the Wensum

Thurs – Warm up as usual followed by 6 x 1 min jog with 30 secs walk = 1st set.

Walk 2.5 min’s, then 3 x 2 mins with 45 to 60 secs walk between = 2nd set.

Walk 2.5 mins, followed by 2 x 3 mins with 60 to 75 secs walk between = 3rd set

Walk 2.5 mins, followed by 4 x 1 min.

Warm down with 4 mins walking plus stretching.

Heart rates during jogging periods not to rise above 160 during first 3 sets and 165 during 4th set. Try to ensure that it reduces to 135 or lower during walking phases.

I had no problem in keeping the heart rate in range and recovery to 135 was fine.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Post Illness Programme - Session 25c

Session 25a – 29/7

Session 25b – 2/8


These were short sessions to see if I had made a recovery from Swine Flu.  29/7 I hadn’t – heart rate was all over the place. Near normal on 2nd.


Session 25 c


Monday night - Warm up

spend 5m doing a brisk walk,

spend 5m doing 15s jogs with 30s walking. 

90s easy jogging H/R UP TO 140, 1min walk

90s easy jogging H/R 150-155, 1 min walk,

2m jogging H/R 160, 90s walk (Get HR to 135), 

3m jogging H/R 160-65, 90s walk, (HR165 last min only)

2m easy jogging H/R 155 MAX, 1m walk

90s H/R AROUND 145. 

Spend 5-10 mins warming down and stretches with the first 2 mins doing really gentle 10 sec jogs mixed with walking to gradually bring the HR down. 


Make sure you get your recoveries right-this should happen because of the walking in between.  We dont want to stress the heart too much with high HRs after your illness, how you get on with this session will be a good indicator.  Really keep the 3 mins steady and try not to get up to 165 until the last min, if you are struggling and finding it really tough then keep to 2 mins!



Just back from the run which Steph set me.  The run went well.  I worked within the ranges set – I think the only set where I was slightly high on HR was the 2m after the 3m. I feel quite ‘normal’ now compared to the session when I clearly wasn’t over the swine flu when HR was all over the place.