Monday, 3 August 2009

Post Illness Programme - Session 25c

Session 25a – 29/7

Session 25b – 2/8


These were short sessions to see if I had made a recovery from Swine Flu.  29/7 I hadn’t – heart rate was all over the place. Near normal on 2nd.


Session 25 c


Monday night - Warm up

spend 5m doing a brisk walk,

spend 5m doing 15s jogs with 30s walking. 

90s easy jogging H/R UP TO 140, 1min walk

90s easy jogging H/R 150-155, 1 min walk,

2m jogging H/R 160, 90s walk (Get HR to 135), 

3m jogging H/R 160-65, 90s walk, (HR165 last min only)

2m easy jogging H/R 155 MAX, 1m walk

90s H/R AROUND 145. 

Spend 5-10 mins warming down and stretches with the first 2 mins doing really gentle 10 sec jogs mixed with walking to gradually bring the HR down. 


Make sure you get your recoveries right-this should happen because of the walking in between.  We dont want to stress the heart too much with high HRs after your illness, how you get on with this session will be a good indicator.  Really keep the 3 mins steady and try not to get up to 165 until the last min, if you are struggling and finding it really tough then keep to 2 mins!



Just back from the run which Steph set me.  The run went well.  I worked within the ranges set – I think the only set where I was slightly high on HR was the 2m after the 3m. I feel quite ‘normal’ now compared to the session when I clearly wasn’t over the swine flu when HR was all over the place.




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