Sunday, 9 August 2009

Session 28

Lakenham Way, Long John Hill, Bracondale, King Street

Warm up with 6 mins of walking and easy 20 sec jogs, then 2 x 1. 5 miles keeping heart rate under 165. If it starts to climb above, then walk until it drops back down to under 150. Walk for 4 mins between and after to warm down.

I was really pleased that I ran the first 1.5m and heart rate stayed below the 165 limit, I didnt even feel tired. I made a good revovery at the end of the first 1.5m with the heart rate getting below 135 in about 1 minute. The second 1.5m was harder. Heart rate only got to 165 twice, one on the hill on Bracondale, and once when I picked the pace up again on King Street. Really enjoyed this morning, a lovely day and know I could easily do a 10K race now if I want to!

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