Monday, 17 August 2009

Session 32 - My First 10K

Hellesdon Bridge / Sloughbottom Park.   10K


Sunday – 60 mins. Walk 5 mins – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5 – jog 10 – walk 5. This could be a tough session, but do your very best. Keep the heart rate below 160 for as long as possible during the 10 min intervals. During the last rep and  as per usual I don’t mind it creeping up during the latter stages of the interval. Make sure you stretch after warm down as well.


I did this Monday morning as was a day behind on sessions.  Very happy that I did my first 10K session.  It wasn’t as hard work as I thought it might be.  Not sure if I was meant to do 60mins or 75 mins which the reps added up to??  Could this be Neil’s way of testing me to see if I’d run the shorter distance??  Recovery times were still about 60s to <130bpm.  My right foot went numb again, first time in ages, at around 43mins.  Aching more than usual after the session but pleased with myself.

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